Transition plan

While you explore the new features in App Center, you can continue to use HockeyApp as normal. There will be no changes to how HockeyApp works today and we're committed to migrating your HockeyApp account with zero hassle.

View your apps & data in Visual Studio App Center

Do more with App Center

Visual Studio App Center brings what would otherwise be a fragmented development process across multiple third party apps, into a single, powerful and easy to use tool. In addition to the features you are used to in HockeyApp, App Center now let’s you connect repos and within minutes automate builds, test on real devices in the cloud, and send targeted push notifications.

Collaborate with others

Work alongside all your existing HockeyApp collaborators in App Center. All users enjoy the same permissions they enjoy in HockeyApp today.

Use HockeyApp and App Center Side-by-Side

All your apps are now synced and usable within App Center. This allows you to login using your HockeyApp credentials and try out all the services App Center provides without affecting your HockeyApp workflow. You can continue to use HockeyApp as you would normally.


Transitioning from HockeyApp to Visual Studio App Center

Beginning the move to App Center

App Center is now available for everyone and HockeyApp users can view all their apps, data, organizations, and users in App Center. While Crashes will be in preview for HockeyApp apps, you can join the preview in App Center to start collecting crash data. To learn more about feature parity, please visit our Roadmap page .

SDKs and data

The App Center SDK is built to be faster and more modular than the HockeySDK. Once you ship the App Center SDK in a future release (when you're ready), you can still receive data from the HockeyApp SDK in App Center from past releases. Transition SDKs at your own pace.

Farewell, HockeyApp!

Feature parity

Visual Studio App Center is committed to exceeding HockeyApp’s benchmark. Over the next several months, App Center will deliver new features continuously.

Full platform support

Visual Studio App Center will support all the platforms HockeyApp supports today – including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, React Native, Unity, and Xamarin.

Full migration to App Center

After all the services in Visual Studio App Center are generally available, we’ll start the transition process from HockeyApp to App Center.