Using HockeyApp with


2014/07/09: Updated blog post to reflect rebranding to

A few weeks ago, our friends from added support for HockeyApp. It works like this:

  1. Connect your GitHub repository
  2. Connect your HockeyApp account
  3. Configure the build job
  4. Run the build job either manually or automatically

The configuration of your HockeyApp account makes full use of our API. You just enter your API token, then will fetch your list of apps, so you can select the right one. This is especially useful if you have multiple apps with the same bundle identifier or package name. will then run all your unit and integration tests, build your app, upload it to HockeyApp, and trigger the tester notifications.

Even better, if you view the app page on HockeyApp, we now show you if a version came from If you click on a version, you will see a new section that links to the build page on and to your GitHub repository.

Together with our own GitHub integration, HockeyApp becomes part of a seamless development process that covers all steps from bug tracking, source code management, continuous integration, distribution and testing, and, of course, crash reporting.

You can read more about the HockeyApp integration in here.