Introducing HockeyCoach


Today, we’re excited to present a new Mac app to view and manage your crash reports. Say hello to HockeyCoach.

HockeyCoach provides an easy interface to navigate through your apps, versions and crash groups. Double-click a crash group and HockeyCoach lets you pick a local directory. If this directory is a Git repository, you can then choose the right commit, tag, or branch for the crash. Once the directory is assigned, HockeyCoach can show you the crash with your source code:

Using libgit2, HockeyCoach can access any revision of your code without the need to stash current changes. Even better, it syncs the commit sha with HockeyApp, so only one developer needs to set it and all team members get the source view right away. The sync also works with our cisimple integration.

In addition, you can

  • set a filter for apps, versions, and crash reports,
  • manage the status and annotation of a crash group,
  • jump to an assigned ticket in your bug tracker,
  • drag & drop local crash logs to the dock icon, and
  • open the crash group on the HockeyApp web page.

HockeyCoach is available for free to all HockeyApp customers starting today:

Download App

Requires OS X 10.7 or later

This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy HockeyCoach as much as we do.