Introducing HockeyApp for Mac 2.0


We are excited to announce HockeyApp for Mac 2.0! It’s not only the fastest way to upload your apps to HockeyApp, but now also includes the full functionality of our Mac application HockeyCoach, along with a brand-new guided integration for iOS and OS X apps.

Guided Integration

You still haven’t added HockeySDK into your apps? The new integration assistant in HockeyApp for Mac 2.0 will help you fix this. With a few clicks, you’ll sign in with your HockeyApp account, download the right framework, add the setup code to your app, and verify the results.

Crash Browser

Last year, we introduced a revolutionary new way to work with your crash reports called HockeyCoach. HockeyApp for Mac now integrates these features as the Crash Browser. The Crash Browser provides an easy interface to navigate through your apps, versions, and crash groups. Double-click a crash group and pick a local directory. If this directory is a git repository, you can then choose the right commit, tag, or branch for the crash. In all other cases it will simply use the source code that is currently checked out in that directory. Once the directory, is assigned you will see the crash with your source code:

Command Line Helper

HockeyApp for Mac always provided a way to upload builds from the command line, but it required you to launch the Cocoa UI. Our new command line helper puck allows you to upload any .ipa, .apk, or .xcarchive file directly from the command line. This makes it even easier to include it into your build server like Jenkins or Xcode bots.

In addition, we added some new tricks to the helper, e.g. automatically collecting releases notes from Jenkins or detecting the current Git commit sha and automatically submit it to the HockeyApp server. Check out all of the details in our knowledge base article.


HockeyApp for Mac 2.0 is available for free to all HockeyApp customers. We hope you enjoy it and we’re looking forward to your feedback!

Download App

Requires OS X 10.8 or later

What’s New

  • [NEW] Welcome screen with quick access to all major feature and latest HockeyApp news
  • [NEW] Added guided iOS & OS X SDK integration
  • [NEW] Added crash browser (same functionality as the previous HockeyCoach standalone app)
  • [NEW] Added redesigned command line helper with advanced features and standalone upload support
  • [NEW] Added support for multiple accounts
  • [FIXED] .apk files not showing the VersionCode value
  • [FIXED] Fixed various minor bugs