HockeyApp 3.0


This week, HockeyApp had its third birthday and we couldn’t be more excited. We also thought it would be a perfect time to publish our third major release: HockeyApp 3.0 is here! The change log is endless, so this blog post will simply focus on the top 5 new features and changes:

Team Management

You asked for it, you (finally!) got it. You can now create and manage users in teams with HockeyApp. Once a user has accepted your team invite, you can add this team to apps without sending further invites. Our new User Control Center shows you which teams and users have been added to the app, which devices are not provisioned, and which users have applied to become a tester.


Previously, you could only add managers to a HockeyApp account to allow multiple users to create, manage, and delete apps. Our new release goes a step further and lets you create organizations that are owned by one or more users. This makes it very easy to manage multiple accounts, add new owners, or transfer the ownership if an employee leaves your company. In addition, HockeyApp automatically creates an Owner team, so you can easily add owners to new apps.

New Notification System

We have revamped our notification system, so you can now enable or disable each notification type individually. For example, you only enable the email notification for crash reports, and disable those for feedback or new devices. You can still configure each app individually if you like. To upgrade to the new notification system, head over to the Account settings, and choose Notifications. Upgrading to the new notification system will reset all of your old/existing notifications, but the upgrade is well worth the reconfiguration time.

Feedback Attachments

You can now attach files and screenshots to feedback, both via our web UI and our iOS, Android, and Windows Phone SDK. Even better, users can annotate the screenshots with lines and arrows, so you can see exactly what they mean. There are a lot more changes to all three SDKs, so stay tuned for another blog post that will explain the changes.

Improved UI / UE

We have improved the HockeyApp user interface tremendously. The views for your account, managing apps & versions, and the new team pages now come with a new sidebar layout that makes it easier to switch between settings.

The new top navigation bar always shows you what app, team, or user you are editing. Plus, you can switch between the last 5 apps or versions and search for all apps or versions just by clicking or tapping the icon. Last but not least, bulk editing versions and crash groups got a whole lot easier.

Finally, with our new release, we also rethought our pricing model and are happy to announce all-new plans, split into two groups:

  • The Personal Plan, which is available with 5, 15, and 25 apps for $10, $20, and $30, respectively.

  • The Business Plan, which offers 15 apps and 3 account owners for $30, 45 apps and 9 owners for $60, or 120 apps, and 20 owners for $120.

Larger plans are available on request.

Best of all: all of our new plans now come with unlimited storage and no further restrictions. Just count your apps and go!

If you are using one of our existing plans, you can continue to use it without any changes. However, if you’d like the new benefits and pricing for any of our new and updated plans, just go to the Billing page.

The past three years have been an amazing journey. We’re grateful for all of our users and we’re inspired that we’ve been able to improve and push the boundaries of app development, testing, and feedback.

The future HockeyApp continues to look very bright and we’re glad you’ve helped support our mission of making the best app tools for developers. Here’s to another 3 years!