Xamarin Insights is joining HockeyApp!


We are proud to announce that the Xamarin Insights team is joining HockeyApp. We’re excited at the prospect of what our new combined team can do, and we look forward to bringing innovation and enhancements to HockeyApp faster than ever.

Over the next few months, the new team will begin bringing the experiences that made Xamarin Insights so great into HockeyApp, and taking the existing product to the next level. We don’t expect you to move to HockeyApp right now as there is still a bit of work to do for us before you will be thrilled to make that switch. We are confident that our joint HockeyApp & Xamarin Insights team will be able to bring you those great experiences.

Our goal is to make this transition as simple as possible for you, so we are still investigating what options are available and what that transition will look like. Right now, we are not ready to share any details so stay tuned for Xamarin Evolve where we will share more information.

Getting Started with HockeyApp

If you’re new to HockeyApp, you can get started for free and see what HockeyApp has to offer. Sign up with a variety of social media accounts, a work or school account, a Microsoft account, or create a custom HockeyApp login based on your email address. Every account automatically comes with our free plan, which offers unlimited distribution, crash reporting, and feedback for 2 apps – allowing you to get started and explore without any monetary commitment.

If you need more than this, you can sign up for one of our paid plans. We offer a purchase channel through the Visual Studio Marketplace which lets you pay for HockeyApp through your Azure subscription; or you can pay directly with credit card or PayPal through our payment provider FastSpring.

In addition to single-sign on with Microsoft accounts, you can connect your organization through our new Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration, enabling you to manage app and data access through your Active Directory. This is particularly useful when team members join or leave your company.

For more information about HockeyApp, please check out our Knowledge Base, which has special sections for each supported platform. For more information about the transition, please see this FAQ. We’re looking forward to a bright future and we hope you join us! To stay up to date on the news, please follow us @HockeyApp.