HockeyApp & Xamarin Evolve


Since Xamarin Insights joined the HockeyApp team, we are excited to announce the first wave of improvements for HockeyApp:

Better Processing & Grouping for Xamarin

Integrate our new HockeySDK NuGet into your Xamarin app to get both managed and native stack traces after a crash. Our new stack trace parser automatically collapses irrelevant stack frames and comes with integrated syntax highlighting.

Impacted & Crash Free Users

We have revamped the detail page for crash groups to directly show crashes per day & impacted users per day. With this change, we are also making the data about crash free users and impacted users available to all customers.

HockeySDK 4.0 Now Available

The stable version of HockeySDK 4.0 is now available for iOS, tvOS, OS X, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). By integrating this new version into your app, you will get unique users, new users, crash free users, and sessions for your apps. You can find all the details in our separate blog post for HockeySDK 4.0.

All improvements are available today. If you have a question or suggestion, we invite you to chat with us in our Slack channel - HockeyCamp, open a thread in our support forum, or to visit our booth at Xamarin Evolve 2016.