Custom Events Available for Everybody


We are happy to announce that we are moving the latest feature from HockeyApp, Custom Events, to full public preview. Starting today, all HockeyApp customers will be able to take advantage of our Custom Events feature. It works together with our User Metrics to give you a deep understanding of how customers are using your applications. In addition to releasing Custom Events to all HockeyApp users, we are also announcing a deeper integration with Application Insights, making the feature even more powerful. Through this integration you will be able to take advantage of both Analytics, a powerful ad-hoc query capability on raw data, and Continuous Export, which automatically routes all raw data directly into your own Azure Storage account. All of these features are enabled with little additional effort. You can collect all your data via the HockeyApp SDKs, and when configured, the same data will be routed to both HockeyApp and Application Insights Analytics, and Continuous Export allowing you to take advantage of the full power of both of these products.

Custom Events

Custom Events allows you to track any discrete action taken within your app. This is incredibly easy to do via the SDK with just a single line of code needing only a string event name. With just that one line of tracking code, all events will be automatically sent and collected by HockeyApp and displayed for analysis. In addition, we will integrate that data with User Metrics to show you not just the total count and distribution of events, but how many distinct users fired that event and the % of your total user base. You can see the power of this feature in the screenshot above, where you can quickly identify the percentage popularity of each feature tracked by each event.

For more details on getting started with Custom Events please see our knowledge base article.

Application Insights

It is now possible to integrate existing HockeyApp apps with Application Insights. You can now link your HockeyApp app to Application Insights and take advantage of the Application Insights tools such as Analytics and Continuous Export on your HockeyApp data. Linking is as simple to set up as going to the Azure portal, creating a new Application Insights HockeyApp bridge app, and linking it to your existing HockeyApp app via a HockeyApp access token. After that, all Custom Events sent via the HockeyApp SDKs will also be routed to the Application Insights tools.


Application Insights Analytics is a powerful ad-hoc query and visualization tool. Its rich query language allows you to analyze data after it has been captured. This enables you to answer questions about your app as they come up, without a long delay to re-instrument, re-deploy, and re-analyze your data. The speed and power of this analysis technique can change the way you approach application telemetry.

As a quick example, we show off how easy it is to compute a common telemetry view, to see where our customers are running our application from. We are quickly able to generate this distribution by performing the aggregation over all our raw event data with a simple short query.

For more information on the power of Analytics check out the documentation or the videos from //Build for an introduction or more advanced topics.

Continuous Export

At HockeyApp we know that the data you collect is essential to the success of your app. And we always want you to have the deepest access possible to that data. As part of our integration with Application Insights, we are also supporting the Continuous Export feature. The Continuous Export feature will route all raw event data directly into an Azure Storage account owned by you. Once this data is in your account, you can take advantage of many powerful Azure big data tools such as Cortana Intelligence Suite and other intelligence and analytics tools. Or make use of the storage REST APIs to have full API access to all your raw event data.