New HockeySDK Releases for Windows and Community Branch


We’ve just released version 4.1.6 of our Windows SDKs (UWP, WinRT, and WP). This release fixes some minor bugs and, for UWP, adds more details about inner exceptions to crash logs.

Additionally, we’ve created a new community branch to our Git repository. From now on, changes to HockeyApp involving WinForms and WPF should be merged into this branch. (We’ll still look at the pull requests for the community branch, but only as a sanity check.) In other words, we do not officially support HockeyApp for WinForms or WPF, but we’ve created this branch to let the community continue its work on these SDKs. The reason we are not officially supporting these platforms is that we can focus more on our efforts on the upcoming Mobile Center.

Make sure to upgrade, and feel free to get in touch via Twitter, our public Slack or Support.

You can access the releases here: