HockeyApp Distribution Groups


On March 20th, we are making significant improvements to Teams in HockeyApp. We are launching an update that will rename Teams to ‘Distribution Groups’ and change the behavior of how Teams work.

  • Teams will be renamed to 'Distribution Groups’
  • Distribution Groups will no longer handle assigning roles. All members of a Distribution Group will be Testers.
  • Better UI for showing access to an app.
    • The users page for an app will now show a distribution group instead of listing a mixture of users who have been added directly or via a team.
  • When uploading a new release, you can now restrict who your build is delivered to by selecting a Distribution Group.

What do these changes mean to me?

For people who were not using teams or who were using security groups, this update will have no impact. The changes only apply to the teams feature (Teams tab, Add Teams button).

There will be no breaking changes or impact on user access today. All permissions granted via a team will be moved automatically over to each individual app, no effort is required from you. In the future, when granting developer permission to an app, you can do so directly in the app user management.

Why are you making these changes?

Looking at how teams are most commonly used today, they are used to define groups of testers to grant access to apps. We have changed teams to more clearly support that most common use case and have updated the name to reflect the most common use. In addition, we have streamlined the use of these groups to release restricted builds which should provide an alternative to creating more and more apps to manage releases to different audiences.

Mobile Center

Mobile Center is the next generation of HockeyApp. We are very excited about the much more comprehensive solution Mobile Center provides. The changes we are making to Teams helps to modernize HockeyApp into a similar pattern being used in Mobile Center and will allow us to provide a much smoother side by side experience between HockeyApp and Mobile Center. You can log in to Mobile Center today using your existing HockeyApp account and password to give it a try.

As always we love to hear your feedback and thoughts. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to us via support, our public slack channel HockeyCamp, or via the chat button on all Mobile Center pages.