Mobile Center plugin for fastlane


Fastlane helps to streamline your iOS and Android build process by taking care of tedious and repetitive tasks and thus saves developer time. With HockeyApp and fastlane, you can already simplify beta distribution significantly.

The new Mobile Center plugin for fastlane builds on the existing Hockey action and preserves the ease of release distribution and dSYM upload. This means that existing scripts can be updated without much effort.

Within a lane, you can upload iOS and Android builds to release them to your audience and also benefit from uploading the dSYM files of your iOS releases for crash reporting. To install the plugin, run fastlane add_plugin mobile_center and add the desired upload task to your Fastfile.

Let’s theoretically release an app to a distribution group of ours. First, if you don’t already have one, create a Mobile Center API token, then add the mobile_center_upload task to a lane like so:

lane :beta do
    scheme: "Bubbles",
    export_method: "ad-hoc",

    api_token: "<Mobile Center API token>",
    owner_name: "Bubbleman",
    app_name: "Bubbles",
    ipa: "./Bubbles.ipa",
    group: "Bubblers",
    release_notes: "Pops!"

Finally, run the lane, fastlane beta, and the release get’s distributed to your Bubblers. If the app doesn’t exist on Mobile Center yet, we will automatically create it for you.

The plugin is open source and available on GitHub. Feel free to contribute, suggest new features or let us know if you’re facing any issues.