The HockeyApp features you know and love, now in App Center


All the HockeyApp features you know and love, now in App Center

As introduced in our last post, we’re bringing the HockeyApp features you know and love to Visual Studio App Center, our advanced offering to automate and manage the lifecycle of your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps. HockeyApp’s beta app distribution, crash reporting, and analytics features will make it even easier to build your app in the cloud with App Center’s continuous integration, automated UI tests, and user engagement through targeted push notifications.

App Center brings together an often-fragmented development process across multiple tools into a single cloud service with one easy to use and modular SDK. Using App Center, you can connect repos and within minutes automate builds, test on real devices in the cloud, distribute apps to your testers, and monitor real-world usage with crash and analytics data.

Two Services, Same Credentials

Showing the HockeyApp and the AppCenter portal

If you’re a current HockeyApp user, you already have a head start in Visual Studio App Center: Simply sign in to App Center with your existing HockeyApp account credentials. This will sync your existing apps and allow you to explore App Center features while continuing to use HockeyApp as usual.

HockeyApp, now backed by Microsoft

With the support of decades of experience and reliability of the Visual Studio family, the App Center community is growing rapidly and becoming the de facto standard for many of our current HockeyApp customers. Beginning the side-by-side experience in App Center today not only allows you to try out new workflows, but also continue to utilize HockeyApp in the same way you’ve been accustomed to since you first decided to adopt it as your Mobile DevOps platform of choice. Your data in HockeyApp will stay where it is until we’ve helped you make a successful transition.

HockeyApp features at no additional cost

Whether you’re an enterprise or hobby developer, the distribution, crash reporting, and analytics services you use in HockeyApp are available for all accounts in App Center completely free of charge. Additionally, we’re offering 4 free hours of build time per month in App Center, as well as a free 30-day trial of the Test service. Learn more about App Center pricing for Build, Test and Push here.

HockeyApp Transition Plan

Visual Studio App Center is committed to exceeding HockeyApp’s benchmark. Over the past year we’ve integrated the most popular HockeyApp features into the App Center platform, and will continue to work hard in the coming months to deliver new features continuously. After all the services in Visual Studio App Center are generally available we will start the final transition plan from HockeyApp to App Center.

To get started with App Center, login now using your HockeyApp credentials. As you begin to explore App Center and have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, we’d love to hear from you. Chat directly with our team using the blue chat button located in the lower right of the dashboard.