Brand Guidelines

We've created these guidelines to help you determine the best way to use our logo. If there is a case not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at including some visual mockups of intended use. Please use the predefined assets attributed within the download below.

Download Brand Assets

Our Logo

The logo consists of two components: The symbol indicating a rink with a trisection and the custom logotype which works best with modern typefaces. Please don't modify the logo or parts of it in shape nor color, don't crop it, or use it in a confusing way.

Use the two color version of our logo whenever possible.
The white version is used on darker backgrounds.
Only use the alternate version with the navy background color.

The Symbol

The stand-alone symbol is recommended to be used for square formats when it's the only content. You may apply corner radius to it from square to circle. Make sure to not modify the size in ratio to the format we provide.


Please use only approved colors for the logo unless you have to use it in an monochromatic environment. In that case make sure to apply proper contrast.

  • White
  • HockeyApp Blue
    Pantone 2925
  • Navy
    Pantone 7546

In Writing

Write HockeyApp in plain text instead of embedding the logo into text. The H and A in HockeyApp is always capitalized, also it's a proper name and written without a blank space.

  • HockeyApp
  • Hockeyapp
  • Hockey App
  • Hockey app
  • hockey App
  • hockeyApp