The New HockeyApp for Mac.

The fastest way to manage your apps & crash reports

New Welcome UI

HockeyApp for Mac comes with a new welcome screen that provides quick access to the main features. Easily integrate HockeySDK for iOS or OS X into your project, upload a new build, view your latest unresolved crash reports, and stay up to date with the latest HockeyApp news. It’s the easiest way to use HockeyApp!

Guided Integration

The new integration assistant helps you integrate HockeySDK into your iOS or OS X app with a few simple clicks. It will download the latest framework, provide the setup code for your app, and even verify that the integration works correctly.

Command Line Helper

The HockeyApp for Mac bundle includes a command line helper named puck. It can be installed through the app's preferences and integrates seamlessly with Xcode, CI tools, and your shell scripts.

Integrated Crash Browser

Browse your apps, versions, and select the crash you want to fix. Then connect your local repository, and choose a commit, tag, or branch. HockeyApp for Mac will show you the source code that caused the crash and you can open it in Xcode.