The HockeyApp Transition Plan

We've built the next generation of HockeyApp services in App Center. We'll support HockeyApp until November 16, 2019, but get started with your transition to App Center today.


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The best migration experience, is no migration experience.

With that in mind, we've already brought your Hockey App apps to App Center. Just sign-in to App Center to start taking advantage of the next generation of HockeyApp features.

Use HockeyApp and App Center side-by-side.

Jump back and forth between working in HockeyApp and App Center with your HockeyApp apps. Your updates are continuously syncing between the two services. Learn more about the side-by-side experience.

EARLY 2019

Start finalizing your move.

One last step to finalize your move.

Once you’re ready, take the final step of moving your app completely from HockeyApp to App Center. In just a few clicks, your app will be free to take advantage of all the new features App Center has to offer.

Start using the App Center SDK.

After you’ve moved an app fully to App Center, it will be time to update your apps to use App Center’s new modular SDK. Past releases using the HockeySDK will continue to send data to App Center.

NOVEMBER 16, 2019

FarewelI, HockeyApp!

Welcome to the future.

Starting November 16, 2019, all HockeyApp customers will now use the next generation of Distribution, Crash Reporting, and Analytics services in App Center. HockeyApp will no longer be accessible.

This is just the beginning.

We've built App Center with some great features so far, but this is only the beginning. We look forward to building the future of App Center together!

Feature roadmap.

App Center is close to feature parity with HockeyApp, but we’ll continue to close parity gaps over the next year. Don’t see your feature below? Share it with us - we’re listening!

  • Shared Distribution Groups
  • Added Unity Platform Support
  • Daily Digest Notifications for Distribution
  • Android NDK Support in Diagnostics
  • Proguard Support in Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics is now Generally Available
  • Search in Diagnostics
  • User Identification in Diagnostics
  • Integrate Install Page with Developer Portal
  • Download Page for a Specific Version
  • Make Notifying Testers Optional When Releasing a New Version
  • App Overview with Analytics Data
  • Sparkle support for macOS beta distribution
  • Full crash reporting capabilities for UWP and WPF

The future is ready for you.

App Center is the future of Hockey App, and the future is bright. Join the thousands of HockeyApp developers already taking advantage of the power of App Center.

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